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    Brief Introduction
    藍色右箭頭 Speech
    藍色右箭頭 Enterprise's credit standing
    藍色右箭頭 Outstanding Achievement



    Northern Heavy Shenyang Mining Machinery Group Co.,Ltd is the large backbone enterprise of the national heavy-duty mining machinery industry line, which is one of the 500 largest machinery industrial enterprises.

      Its main products include the complete set of equipment for the large power station and open-pit mine, that is, transmission machinery such as hard-surface gear box, hi-speed idler, large-duty wheel loader and automobile combinated switch. And it has capacity of developing, design, manufacturing and installation for ore-dressing equipment, bulk material handling and transportation equipment, engineering machinery, construction material equipment, sewage treatment for environmental protection, automobile electric, totally six series of products. The corporation can supply the above-mentioned types of equipment and various of non-standard equipment according to the international standard and the users' requirements.

      The corporation always regard "the highest the user is, the first product quality" as its aim and base. The supply and service of products shall abide by ISO 9000 from the beginning to the end.




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